Side by Side with Sidebird

Picture 70His name is synonymous with sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, and his hobbies are hosting wild parties and trashing hotel suites. 

But the rock legend known as Sidebird has been strangely quiet of late, and his long absence from the music scene even prompted rumours of an untimely death.

 Now the gravel-voiced rocker is back with a vengeanceand  has even been spotted on Twitter, where he has a small but loyal fan base.

 Sadly, he’s not planning a comeback tour, but is working behind the scenes on a collaborative project entitled The Whale in the Room.

 This marks a change of direction from his usual style: so is there a subtler, more self-effacing side to the new-look Marvin “Sidebird” Debris?

 If there is, he hides it well, and it’s hard to find a chink in his platinum-plated armoury of bravado and wit.

 He describes his distinctive sound as a “Tsunami of love designed to give the neighbours a nervous breakdown”.

 He rates his most rock’n’roll moment as: “the time I got electrocuted on stage at Glasto, knocked out the National Grid, got up and did an encore”.

 He has an impressive cult following and has jammed with some of the biggest names in the business, naming Hendrix as one of his early influences, but I wonder if he secretly wishes his music were more mainstream.

 Does it bother him that none of the tracks from his greatest album, Sit on My Fence Babe, have made it onto Guitar Heroes?

  “Guitar Heroes? They should call it Guitar Losers,” he snorts derisively. “Besides, whatever happened to a tennis racquet and some imagination?”

 His reply, which deflects from the issue of whether his musical talent has been given the recognition it deserves, makes me feel that maybe he is a little bothered.

 So where has Sidebird been hiding and how does he react to all those rumours? – that he had become a hermit in the Himalayas, died from food poisoning or was stabbed to death by a swordfish while big game fishing.

 “Fleetwood Mac are always starting rumours.. I had an allergy to swordfish and reacted to it by dying instantly,” he explains, with a delivery so deadpan it’s  hard to tell whether he’s joking or serious.

 A notorious ladies’ man, he has a string of ex wives: “Six, not counting the ladyboy,” he grins.

 One of his singles, “That is a gun in my pocket ‘cos I’m not glad to see you,”  is dedicated to his first wife.

 With so many exes and a gaggle of groupies always in tow, I wonder if he ever worries that his past might come back to haunt him.

 “I’m the one who does the haunting around here!” he says, spookily, with no apparent regrets for past bad behaviour.

 He admits he has no idea how many love children might be out there.

 “Who knows?” he shrugs. “All I can say is there are a lot of handsome dudes walking the earth right now. Let’s just say my loins were so fertile they used to want me to sit on the compost heaps at the Chelsea Flower Show.”

 In time, there may be a whole new generation of fledgling rockers to ensure his legacy lives on.



 Listen out for The Whale in the Room on Resonance FM Play.


~ by A_A on May 8, 2009.

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  1. Loving this sounds fab when will there be more?

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