Sidebird – the editor’s cut

Picture 69For those who missed the original interview with rock star Marvin “Sidebird” Debris on Twitter,  and by popular request (OK, one request )  here’s a sample of the raw Tweet Q+A’s including a few which didn’t make it into the write-up ( see earlier  post ).



Q: How would you describe your musical style? 

 A:  My music is a Tsunami of love with no life boats allowed.            

It’s designed to give the neighbours a nervous breakdown.  


 Q: What would you say are your main musical influences?

 A:  Me – is there anyone else?  Hendrix borrowed my flares, what can I say.


Q: Remind me, how many ex wives do you have? Have you, like Paul McCartney, vowed never to go down on one knee again?

 A:  I think there were six. I don’t count the lady boy. Keith Moon had spiked my JD.


 Q: Where did the you find the lady boy? Bangkok?

 A:  I found  him in the bottom of my bed. I think we were in Darlington at the time.


Q: Sit on My Fence Babe is acknowledged as your greatest album.  Which song is your personal favourite?

A:  ‘ That is a gun in my pocket ‘cos I’m not glad to see you’. It was written for my first wife.


Q: Does it bother you that none of those great tracks made it onto Guitar Heroes?

A: They should rename that Guitar Losers. Besides, whatever happened to a tennis racquet and some imagination?


Q: Are you related to the DeBris French aristocrats?

Do you prefer Debris to avoid getting mixed up with Chris De Burgh?


A: De Burgh? Is he that git with eyebrows like a fox fur? French – what an insult. That’s like being called Belgian.


Q: How many children have you fathered? Is it true you were challenged to beat Rod Stewart’s total?

A: Who knows – all I can say is there are a lot of handsome dudes walking the earth right now. As for Rod Stewart  – his Scottishness is like the Loch Ness Monster – it doesn’t exist.


Q: With all those exes and groupies, are you ever worried that your past might come back to haunt you?

A: I do the haunting around here!  Although I draw the line at rattlin’ chains. It’s so passe – and it gives me a headache…



~ by A_A on June 19, 2009.

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