Dirty Sexy Money runs out of cash

In the final episode of the second series of Dirty Sexy Money,  the Darling dynasty’s long-suffering lawyer Nick (Peter Krause) discovers his Dad may not be dead after all. 

 Karen is still hoping to get together with Nick –  until his ex wife turns up to throw a spanner in the works.  

 Jeremy proposes to Nola, who turns him down, so he  turns to a cute nurse  for comfort.   

 How will all this pan out and what will happen next?  These questions will  remain unanswered, since the ABC programme has been cancelled. 

It looks like the delightfully decadent Darlings have fallen victim to the global recession. 

As  is often the case, the final episode of the series has been set up in anticipation of  the next series, which isn’t going to happen, leaving viewers feeling short-changed.


~ by A_A on July 20, 2009.

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