Hair today, gone tomorrow: but diamonds are forever

Ever seen that pop-up ad for turning your loved one’s ashes into glass and had mixed feelings along the lines of: “Is that a touching way to remember the dear departed… or bordering on bad taste?” 

Oh, ashes to glass,  a bit middle class, but diamonds from hair – that is so out there… 

Sky News has reported that a lock of Michael Jackson’s hair is to be fashioned into diamonds as a lasting tribute to the moon-walking pop icon.

You may wonder where this hair is coming from, since it was rumoured that Jackson was almost bald when he died and had been wearing wigs.  

Ah, well… remember that unfortunate incendiary incident which took place  while Jacko was filming a Pepsi advert in the Eighties?

An accident on set left Jacko with burns and singed hair,   and as he was being rushed to hospital, it appears that quick-thinking Ralph Cohen, the executive producer of the video, resourcefully pocketed a handful of the charred strands.

Some years later, he sold it to John Reznikoff, whose collection includes samples of hair from Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.

Now the collector has teamed up with a company called LifeGem  to produce a dazzling display of diamonds using Jacko’s hair.

Sounds like a hairy dog story? It certainly does, but  but hopefully one with a shiny, happy ending.

If all goes according to plan, it’s only a matter of time before Jacko will be dazzling his fans from beyond the grave.


~ by A_A on July 26, 2009.

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