Predicting Paxman’s purple patches


While some people are still smarting from being taken in by Derren Brown’s time-bending trick  with the lottery numbers,  there’s a chance to take part in an altogether different prediction – guess the colour of Jeremy Paxman’s tie on University Challenge.

This week’s participants rose to the challenge with a range of colourful suggestions,  none of  which was spot on, but two came close: @TheSickChick with purple and @joecassels with pastel lavender. 

The competition on Twitter is run by  @Stroopwaffle who described the tie as lilac with a darker teardrop pattern  and ruled that there was no outright winner. But with two close runners-up, would it be fair to count this week’s contest as a tie? 

There’ll be another chance to take part in the #Paxmanstie competition on Twitter next Monday –  competing for the coveted prize of a virtual tie. (That’s the o===> symbol at the head of this post, not to be mistaken for anything else you thought it might have been.)

Make sure to get your entry  in before the 8pm start of University Challenge, as your uncannily accurate answer should ideally be achieved with the aid of remote viewing rather than remote control.


~ by A_A on September 15, 2009.

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