House of the Serpent

Greg House with a boa wrapped around his neck – is that a good look?

If the first image that comes to mind is a feathery fashion accessory plucked from Cuddy’s wardrobe in a moment of whimsy, think again – we’re talking seven foot of snake.

In the role of the irascible doctor, Hugh Laurie wrestles with the double impediment of a limp and an American accent. Walking with a cane, he symbolises the wounded healer. 

 The Rod of Asclepius, the traditional talisman of the healer,  later transformed into a staff entwined with serpents, (plus a pair of wings) which is an internationally recognised medical symbol.  It was an inspired idea to use this image to promote the new season of House.

Snake wranglers (what a great  job title)  were called in to shoot a scene with a couple of mighty boa constrictors coiled around House’s body.  Not too tight, mind.

“I’m not good with snakes. But I didn’t realise that until today,” comments Laurie during filming.



~ by A_A on September 21, 2009.

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