Museum Pieces

Museum pieces are on the menu for May, with the return of Radio 4’s Museum of Curiosity. 

The new series will be curated by Jon Richardson, who will invite some of the nation’s most inquiring minds to propose weird and wonderful  exhibits for the imaginary museum. 

In the meantime, Museum of Life, a new six-part BBC2 series presented by Jimmy Doherty, goes behind the scenes to investigate the Natural History Museum’s huge collection of flora, fauna, minerals and the ever-popular dinosaur skeletons, including Dippy the Diplodocus.

So which is better – a virtual museum full of curious concepts, or a real museum full of fossils? It’s hard to choose.. a TV Burp-style battle between Bill Bailey and a brontosaurus might solve it, but as that’s unlikely to happen,  let’s declare it a draw.   Imagination often trumps reality – then again, truth can be stranger than fiction.

Museum of Life:  Thursdays, 8pm, BBC2

Museum of Curiosity:  starts Monday 10th May at 6.30pm on  BBC Radio 4


~ by A_A on March 8, 2010.

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