So Season 8 is to be the last  of 24 on TV  –  As the New York Times puts it: “The real-time conceit survived for 194 episodes over eight years. Television will be less exciting without it, and without Jack Bauer.” 

 Yes, this is the last we will see of Jack on the small screen – but there is talk of making the fast-paced drama into a movie.

It’s difficult to imagine how this would work in “real time”, but the writers will be sure to find a way  round it. One way or another, Jack will be back. 


24 – Unwritten rules of engagement:  

  1. Everything happens within the hour.
  2. Noon and midnight have been replaced by two impostors: 12 am and 12 pm.
  3. Something, somewhere, will explode at some point.
  4. Beware the one who is most trustworthy. That person is most likely to be a secret  spy.
  5. If you’re a damaged woman, take heart – this only makes you more attractive to Jack.
  6. No major new character may be introduced without an accompanying plot complication.
  7. Jack  manfully counters any nuclear threat  with a disarming device:  his pronunciation of the word  “nookilur”. This pokes fun at the threat, defusing a potentially dangerous situation.  
  8. Disposable Star Trek characters   don’t wear red tops, (with the exception of episode one of the current series)  making the challenge of spotting them more rewarding.
  9. Everyone stays alert for 24 hours without the aid of matchsticks to prop open their eyelids.
  10. Cities may be on the brink of destruction, CTU compromised, cars and egos dented, but whatever happens, the one thing  you can guarantee:  Jack will survive to tell the tale.

~ by A_A on March 17, 2010.

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