The Concert

Ethereal blonde Melanie Laurent gives a compelling performance as a virtuoso violinist in The Concert.

Laurent,  best known to an international audience for her role as Shosanna Dreyfuss in Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, learnt to play the instrument from scratch for the role – a particularly difficult task for her as she explains:  

“The violin is the only instrument which can’t be converted and must be played with the right hand holding the bow  – and I’m left-handed – it was a real nightmare!  The movement was so unnatural for me that I ended up getting tendonitis.”

Playing the part of the cool and self-controlled Anne-Marie Jacquet was another challenge presented by the role,  as she acknowledges:  

“She  is a cold woman, who is obsessed with music and lives in her own world.. I am quire an expressive person, so I really had to excerise a lot of self-control.”

Her feelings finally find their fullest expression in the climactic scene, when Jacquet faces her fears to perform Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto for the first time. 

 “I  let myself be taken in by the music and went into a trance,” recalls Laurent. “That scene really made its mark on me.”

The score combines original music by Armand Amar with the sublime harmonies of Tchaikovsky, reaching a climax in the highly-charged final scene, suggesting that  people’s lives can be transformed, at least temporarily, through the shared experience of music, which crosses barriers of language and culture to achieve harmony and perfection.

The Concert (Cert 15), a film by Radu Mihaileanu,  is in cinemas now.


~ by A_A on July 27, 2010.

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