Cream of the Cornish Fairy Tales

If you’re after some unusual folk tales to entertain you round the fireside this festive season, author and illustrator Stevyn Colgan has come up with the cream of the Cornish crop.

Ugly mermaids, a man who eats cowpats for a bet, mischievous piskys and a killer nun are among the curious characters in Henhedhlow, a collection of eight classic Cornish folktales re-told for a modern day audience.

The book is published with both English (Sowsnek) and Cornish (Kernewek) text and can be used as an aid to learning the language.

Publisher: Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek (Cornish Language Fellowship)

Available from Kowethas and Yeth Kernewek: Tel. 01503 220445, e-mail:
Price £14 (£13 for Kowethas members)

Also available from bookshops in Cornwall or Tor Mark Press, Tel: 01209 822101, e-mail:


~ by A_A on December 14, 2010.

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