Shirley Anne Field plays fairy godmother

Flame-haired film star Shirley Anne Field plays the fairy godmother in Cinderella.

Q: What do you think is the particular appeal of panto?

A: I love the whole romance of panto, I like the genre. The greatest gift is the fact that I now have two grandsons aged nine and 12. (her daughter Nicola’s sons Charlie and Max) What could be more perfect than to see their grandmother as a fairy godmother?

Q: You have divided your career between film and theatre work. How do you see the difference between the two?

A: Doing theatre work is like going to a party every evening. Film is more technical, but it’s still incredibly rewarding.

People have seen films that I’ve made years ago and still have interesting things to say about them. They say if you wait around long enough, you become fashionable again!

 Q: Have you been in panto before?

A: I’ve been in panto once before. I played Aladdin in the eighties. It was strange playing  the principal boy having to woo the princess, but it was great fun to do.

Q: Out of the movies you have made, which are your particular favourites?

A: I have always gone for art house movies.

The classic for me was Saturday night Sunday morning. My other favourites are the Entertainer and Hear my Song.

Q: Who are the most memorable actors you have worked with?

A: Laurence Olivier and Albert Finney.

Olivier seemed stand-offish at first but maybe it was shyness, and that disappeared as soon as we finished the first take. He was a gentleman, a Knight of the British theatre. I got on very well with Albert Finney, I had worked with him in both the Entertainer and Saturday Night Sunday Morning.

 Q: Tell us about your next movie project.

A: In Power of Three, I play a film executive who comes out of retirement to get a film made with three women in their fifties.

Shes in charge and very tough. I enjoyed that – being in charge and telling everybody what to do!

It’s about women reaching a certain age and finding out that there’s a new life for them out there…


* Shirley Anne Field plays the fairy godmother in Cinderella at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon, until 3 January.





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