Scarborough Fair

The charming, olde-worlde elegance of a North Yorkshire seaside town is the setting for Steve Hill’s new play Scarborough Fair.  

Loosely based on the Restoration comedy The Relapse, this re-working  is an entertaining study of the antics of an upper-crust crowd looking for ways to amuse  themselves, while holed up in a world apart from the sophistication of the big city.  

Young adventurer Tom has returned to England without a penny to his name. His vain, pompous brother, Lord Frontbotham (pronounced Fro’tham), is keen to marry Miss Helen, in the hope of getting his hands on her enviable assets (she has a substantial private income). When Tom’s brother turns him down for a small loan, Tom plots his revenge – planning  to seduce Helen and marry her himself.

 Meanwhile Mr Lovelace, invited to Scarborough for the impending nuptials, falls head over heels for a beautiful young widow. When Colonel Cholmonderley discovers the widow he has been pursuing is secretly meeting his good friend, he decides to return the favour by seducing his friend’s wife, Amanda.

 Sea views, seduction and social consequences: coming soon to a stage near you.


~ by A_A on February 22, 2011.

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