It looks like Doctor House may have jumped the shark when he drove into his former lover’s front room.

Following this cliffhanger, his ex Lisa Cuddy has left her job at the hospital, meaning the latest, and probably last, series of House is no longer graced with the presence of the luscious Lisa Edelstein.

The admirable Hugh Laurie soldiers on, still affecting the double impediment of a limp and an American accent, rehabilitated at the hospital after his spell in prison.

But something is missing: the double act which crackled into life from the opening scene when House made its debut on the Hallmark channel.

House without Cuddy is like bread without butter or, as King Lear’s Cordelia would say, meat without salt.

Will this on-off couple ever get closure? Without their banter, the show seems to have lost its spark. The last series ended with a bang, but this one has currently died down to a whimper.


~ by A_A on November 1, 2011.

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